Enjoy the Spring at Stanley’s!

We are fully stocked with your spring and summer favorites, ready to plant!

We carry annuals in 6 packs, 4”, 4 1/2”, and 6” pots, perennials in 4”, 4 1/2”, 1 gallon and 2 gallon pots, and trees and shrubs in larger sizes.

We also have an extensive selection of herb and vegetable transplants in 6 packs, 4” plantable pots, and 1 gallon pots.

Call for details or stop by to see us!
Our business is Growing!

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Stanley’s Secret Garden on Northshore in West Knoxville.

Stanley's NEW Secret Garden on Northshore is Now Open!

The Secret Garden is located at 305 South Northshore Drive (map to location), near Kingston Pike and Northshore. Our Secret Garden is closed for the winter and will reopen early spring.

Stanley’s Greenhouse & Plant Farm

For 72 years, Charles Stanley and sons Monte and Rocky have supplied East Tennessee gardeners with quality plants, shrubs, perennials, herbs, annuals, houseplants, and poinsettias.

Stanley's is a family owned garden center located 5 minutes from downtown in South Knoxville.  Get directions...

Why choose Stanley's Greenhouse?

For the quality assurance that only a locally owned grower can provide.

Growing and propagating over 60% of the plants we sell on site at our garden center reduces our carbon “footprint” significantly by not having our plants shipped from other locations.

Because we grow the plants at our greenhouses here in Knoxville, the plants are fresher and acclimated for East Tennessee climate.

Our status as one of the areas largest growers exempts us from charging sales tax on plants. Therefore all plants purchased at Stanley’s Greenhouse are TAX FREE!

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